Km 3-1/2 Carretera
Troncal del Norte #101-A
Col. San Joaquin Oriente
San Salvador, El Salvador,
Central America

Phones: (503)2276-5661 /
2276-5630 / 2276-5623





About Us

We are a 100% Salvadorean company dedicated to supply the apparel industry with time and labor saving devices, to satisfy the daily needs of the garment making.

Our mission is to deliver a high quality, precision made attachment that will hold critical dimensions to ensure our customer the highest performance with the garment they manufacture, delivered at a very short time.

About our products

Hand made custom folders, hemmers and attachments by our highly qualified personnel.

We offer technical research upon request by giving you a complete break down of your attachment needs for each garment.

More than 15 years of experience and customer satisfaction is our best guarantee, given by those who manufacture brands like NIKE, ADIDAS, HEALTHEX, FRUIT OF THE LOOM, LEVI'S, GARAN, ANVIL, etc.


The company was founded by Mario Velasco on December 1 st 1994, motivated by his technical knowledge and experience as well as the need to supply the national market with a brand name that will manufacture and deliver products of high quality on a professional basis to the thriving garment industry. Currenttly S-M Attachment has custumers in Central America, Mexico and USA thanks to the excellent craftsmanship and on time delivery.


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